The benefits of Silicone collapsible food containers

silicone food container

Why silicone collapsible food containers?

Leftover food is something that people are always storing. Reused plastic packaging such as cottage cheese containers and margarine tubs are the most popular method of storage. However, despite the relatively low price and durability of plastics, they are a health hazard.

It is because plastics contain the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked with causing certain reproductive cancers, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and even infertility.

It makes the avoidance of plastics something which we should strongly consider. Fortunately, alternative, non-toxic options for food storage are readily available, one of these being collapsible silicone food containers.

Are our silicone food containers safe?

Firstly, silicone is an ideal alternative to plastic. Like plastic, it is a polymer and even has a similar appearance and feel to plastic. However, both silicone and plastic consist of different essential elements.

Silicone is an element that is found within silica. Silicone is firstly extracted from silica. It is then processed through hydrocarbons, and this creates a new polymer that consists of an inorganic silicon-oxygen backbone and carbon-based side groups.

Studies have approved that silicone to be a safe material for the use of food storage. It has been used in baby bottle nipples for over 30 years.

Silicone can withstand extreme variations in temperature, giving it the ability to be easily transferred from freezer to microwave. Besides, silicone is petroleum-free, dishwasher safe, and odor resistant.

These qualities make silicone perfect material with which to create collapsible food containers. It makes the collapsible food containers flexible, shatter-resistant, and durable, so this frees up additional amounts of valuable space in the kitchen and allows for cupboards to be kept tidier.

These collapsible silicone food storage containers are also 100% airtight and leak proof. It is vital for keeping food fresh for as long as possible, which will prove to be useful in a variety of different situations, including long journeys and activities in the wilderness.

A wide range of foods can also be stored in these reusable silicone food containers because they come in multiple shapes and sizes according to the need.

That means that any meal packed into the containers can be vast in quantity and appropriately nourishing according to the activity.

Silicone collapsible food containers are a more than capable and much safer alternative to the widely-used plastic containers.

Most importantly, the flexibility of this item makes this a much more convenient food storage item and very much worth considering, especially for those who are particularly caring about kitchen space and frequent travelers.


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