Inquiry and reply of silicone lunch box

silicone lunch box

Product: 3-compartment collapsible silicone lunch box

Inquiry details:

My name is Sarah, and I represent XXX Trading. We are a product development and distribution company with primary operations in the US and a specific interest in bento.

We are looking to expand our bento range into the collapsible silicone style like the one you have listed here.
Right now, we require a box that holds 1300ml of food, either in 2 or 3 compartments.

The lid needs to have separators the limit the food from mixing between compartments, which you appear to have. However, the little condiments container showing in your images is not essential, so if you produce a lid without this, we would be interested.

This is a new market for us, and initially, we’d like the opportunity to put this new product through a customer test phase before aggressively expanding.

We would require the first order of 300 units (100 x 3 colors) to complete this test, but we would also like to know your different price breaks for larger orders.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Hello Sarah,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Regarding the silicone lunch box you inquired, we did have the lid without condiment containers.

Attached please find the picture of 3 compartment lunch box, size 25x18x7/3(folded) cm, the volume is about 1400 ml.

Our MOQ of this one is 500 pcs per color, and the most disturbing thing is to produce the fork/spoon if the quantity is few, as the fork/spoon needs to be injection molded.

Hope you can understand that, below are price info for your reference,

  1. Unit price: 3.75 USD/pcs, FOB price
  2. Size: 25x18x7/3(folded) cm,

Prices in different quantities:

  • 500~1000 pcs: 3.75 USD/pcs
  • 1000~2000 pcs: 3.65 USD/pcs
  • 2000~3000 pcs: 3.55 USD/pcs
  • 3000~5000 pcs: 3.45 USD/pcs
  • >5000 pcs: 3.35 USD

Any more questions, please feel free to contact us,