Why we choose silicone collapsible lunch box?

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Reasons that we choose silicone collapsible lunch box

You may find that more and more people are starting to quit using plastic lunch boxes and switching to the silicone lunch box, which is made from a more eco-friendly material.silicone lunch box


The silicone lunch box has some advantages comparing to plastic ones:

1. Silicone is indisputably safer for human health than plastic, which is a petroleum-based material commonly containing estrogen-mimicking chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA).

Furthermore, when it comes to the environment, silicone is highly durable and more environmentally friendly than plastic.

2. Silicone is much longer-lasting than plastic and endures extreme fluctuations in temperatures – from very cold to oven hot – without melting, cracking, or otherwise degrading.

Reusable plastic food containers may last a year or a few years if they are hand-washed, but they end up getting scratched, foggy, broken, and needs to be retired from use much sooner than similar items made from silicone.

3. Silicone resists oxidative deterioration (healthy aging) for decades on end. Studies have shown that silicones thrive on challenges, including exposure to extreme heat and cold, harsh chemicals, sterilization, rain, snow, salt spray, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and acid rain.

To name a few, If disposed of at a landfill for incineration, the silicone (unlike plastic) is converted back into inorganic, harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

That’s why people would like to choose an environmentally friendly silicone lunch box instead of plastic. Another typical advantage is that the collapsible silicone lunch box can be folded when it’s stacked together and save up to 60% of your cupboard space.