The production process of silicone food containers

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As professional silicone food containers and lunch box manufacturer, Today we are going to introduce you to how the collapsible silicone food containers are made.

Firstly let’s take a look at these food containers, they are composed two main parts, one is silicone base, the other is the plastic lid and frame. The production process of the silicone base is as below:

1. Preparing the material, find the right recipe of color according to the Pantone color system, mixing the silicone material and color pigments, then put them into the mixing machine until it’s right for molding.

2. Compression molding process.  When the materials are ready, slice them into pieces and make sure all these small pieces of content have the same weight that the silicone base requires, put silicone material into the compression molding machine to get the shape of the food containers base.

3. Burrs and flashes removal. When the bases are molded, workers will remove burrs and flashes on each one.

4. Injection molding of plastic lid and frame, it’s a different process from the production of a silicone base, an injection molding machine molds it.

5. Welding the silicone base and plastic frame by high-frequency ultrasonic machine.

6. Cover the plastic lid the silicone base. Then a silicone food container is done.

That’s a brief introduction to how it’s made.