flat stacks containers

Imagine walking into your kitchen, and the first thing that you see are containers everywhere. Imagine lacking space in the fridge to store your vegetables because the food containers have taken up most of the space.

What if there was a way to store your food and maximise space safely? Flat stack food containers are what you need! These silicone collapsible food containers are not only safe but will also make your life considerably more comfortable.

What are the various applications of silicone food containers? Why have they become so popular? Read on to find out!

How can you use your collapsible food container?

You finally got yourself a flat stack container. How will you use them? There are various applications of silicone food containers, some of which include:

1. Food storage– these containers have an airtight seal that helps keep the food fresh for a long time. Not only does this help you save money, but it also minimises the wastage of food. They are also made of silicone, which does not react with food, making them a great alternative to plastic containers.

2. Heating food- since these collapsible silicone storage containers are pure silicone-based, they are safe to use when heating food in the microwave. It also helps to save on the plates or bowls used, as no extra containers will be used to heat the food.

3. Freezing leftover food– you can safely freeze food with these containers as silicone is non-reactive to extreme temperatures which means

4. Decluttering kitchen and freezer space– these flat stack storage containers are collapsible for up to half their size. This quality helps double up on space so you can say goodbye to a full freezer or cupboard! 

5. Packaging food for picnics or school– the versatility that comes with flat stack food containers makes them the perfect option to package food.

When collapsed, they can be used to carry small amounts of food and save up on space, and when not compressed, they can take large amounts of food.

The above applications are some of the reasons why these silicone storage containers have begun to gain popularity in many households. Their different scopes of applications and versatility have also made them a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to save on space.

Why have the flat stack food containers become so popular?

It is no secret that silicone collapsible food containers are giving plastic food containers a run for their money. Why have they become everyday household items? Have travellers made them their preferred method of carrying food? Why should you get yourself some silicone food containers?


Here are a couple of reasons:

• Easy storage– the fact that they are collapsible means that even if the food does no fill up the container, you can collapse the box partially to the food level. That helps prevent a full fridge full of half-empty containers that take up a lot of space.

• Safety of usage– these flat stacks collapsible storage containers are made from a high-grade silicone that is BPA free. This quality makes them safe to store, heat or freeze food without any risks. 

• Airtight– the main reason why food goes bad is due to bacteria from air contaminating food. With the collapsible food containers, any food stored in them is likely to stay fresh for longer as they are leak proof.

• Easy to carry around– silicone containers are compatible and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. It makes them an excellent option for any outdoor activity and a perfect alternative to a lunch box.

• Resistance to extreme temperatures– want to heat your food in the oven? No problem! Are you looking to freeze leftover food? These oven safe silicone food containers will do that perfectly.

Some of the other reasons that have seen the best silicone food storage containers spike in popularity are the fact that they are eco-friendly and odorless. They are also dishwasher friendly which means washing them is easy.

When it comes to food storage, safety precautions are critical. With the rise of plastic related cancers, it is only wise that one uses silicone containers for food as they are entirely safe.

The flat stacks food containers not only fit the safety criteria but are also lightweight, making them the perfect solution to all your food storage needs!


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