Why Flat Stacks Containers Are So Popular?

Flat stacks containers

Even the not-so-keen observers will attest to the fact that lately, flat stacks containers have become very popular among kitchen enthusiasts.

Yes, these silicone collapsible food containers have stolen the show from traditional containers used to store food recently. But not everyone knows why flat stacks containers are so popular today.

If you are in this category of people, this write-up is for you. We start by highlighting the key reasons why these flat stacks food storage containers are such a hot-favourite.

Next, we take an insightful look at the benefits of using these containers and wind up with the various applications of these collapsible food containers. Let’s get the ball rolling.

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Why are flat stacks containers so popular?

You’ll be surprised that what makes these flat stacks silicone containers so popular is not rocket science. They are useful but straightforward functional and aesthetic realities that give them a significant edge over other food containers. Sample the following:

i) Their collapsible nature saves space

Unlike other rigid boxes, these are collapsible, meaning you don’t have to worry much if the food you want to store does not fill the container.

In such cases, you need to partially collapse the container to the level of the food and then replace the lid. It is an excellent feature since it saves a lot of fridge space that you can use to store other food items.

This feature also makes this a number one choice for travellers and outdoor enthusiasts who carry their containers in bags. Since the boxes are collapsible, you can save a lot of space in your backpack for other items needed for a successful trip.

ii) Safe to use

The silicone food containers are BPA free. That makes them the best alternatives to other similar containers that are known to contain this harmful compound. For instance, plastic containers have high levels of BPA or Bisphenol-A.

Exposure to this compound has been linked to an increased risk of some cancers. This compound has the risks of getting some diseases and some adverse health effects on the brain and prostate glands of fetuses and children. There is also a possible link between this compound and the increase in blood pressure.

Most important thing is that these collapsible silicone food containers are free from Phthalates, which is the chemical name for plastics. When you use silicone, you don’t expose yourself and your family to dangers associated with plastics.

These dangers include severe health conditions, such as diabetes, memory loss, hormonal disorders, and chronic inflammation.

iii) Easy to store

The silicone food containers can be collapsed and stacked flat, thus occupying minimal space in your kitchen cabinets. If you hate clutter (and almost everyone does anyway), these are the food containers that will help you reduce clutter in your kitchen.

iv) Resistant to extreme temperatures

The flat stacks collapsible containers are highly resistant to degradation and damage that can be caused by extreme temperatures. It is a far departure from plastics that are easily destroyed by high temperatures.

v) Airtight and leak-proof

When air finds its way to your stored food, it allows in bacteria from the air and allows fermentation. In turn, it makes the food go wrong in a much shorter time than if we store the food in an airtight container like the flat stacks containers.

vi) Odourless

You don’t want some odours rubbing off on your stored food. It usually happens with food stored in containers made from other materials such as plastics.

The good news is that silicone is completely odourless. The best way to keep these unwanted odours away and retain the original aroma of your food is to use these food containers.

vii) Lightweight

Compared to other food containers made from different materials, silicone food containers are lightweight. That makes them easy to carry during outdoor activities or for your snacks while travelling.

viii) Eco-friendly

These flat stacks silicone food storage containers are friendly to the environment. Protecting and preserving our natural environment should be everyone’s concern.

Remember, the food we eat comes from the environment, so polluting the environment puts us and the entire ecosystem at risk. Silicone produces non-hazardous waste and can be 100% recycled.

ix) Microwave and dishwasher friendly

There is another big plus for these flat stacks food storage containers. Unlike metallic and plastic food containers, you can comfortably heat your food while still in the silicone container without fear of any damage to the microwave or the boxes. Cleaning your flat stacks containers is easy since they are dishwasher friendly.


Application of collapsible food containers

Collapsible silicone food containers are ideal for a whole lot of scenarios. You can use them to store leftover food in your fridge or pack lunch and snacks for a picnic or camping expedition.

They can also be used to store food any time you travel far away, and you want to carry your home-made food with you.

If you have a child, who needs to carry a snack to school (where this is allowed), these durable, lightweight, and safe containers are your best option.

With these details in mind, take the next step and get yourself these trendy collapsible food containers in the market today. You’ll never regret your decision.


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