User guide and maintenance of silicone food containers

silicone flat stacks containers

Thanks for investing in our silicone food containers, we are confident you will derive great use from them and save valuable cupboard space along the way, follow our user-friendly guide for care and maintenance.


Before use, place containers (lid off) in dishwasher or hand wash for the first flush.

Our silicone food containers are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and microwave safe, always ensure lid vent remains in the OPEN position when using them in any microwave. Please note that our silicone lunch box does not have a lid vent. We recommend leaving the clips un-done when placing the lunchbox in a microwave.


All our silicone food containers can be removed from the freezer and placed directly in a microwave. When doing so, ALWAYS use a “defrost” setting on the microwave to thaw food out entirely.

Once the food is completely thawed out, use heat settings on the microwave as required to reheat container contents.

To avoid possible container damage, always follow the instruction above. Do not use harsh abrasives when cleaning the containers.

For further information, contact us via email or phone.