Why are silicone collapsible food containers so popular?


There are a lot of options regarding the food containers, such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, silicone, and other plant fiber composites.

Plastic food containers

It’s no doubt that plastic food containers are the most widely used in the present world, mainly because of its cheap features.

Although some plastic materials are claimed food-safe, and meet the requirements of FDA or LFGB but remember that plastic is a product refined from petroleum.

It’s a kindly synthetic. Some still contain BPA, which will be released when being heated and will be harmful to our health. Environmentalist actively resists using plastic food containers when we need to carry the foods out going for camping, picnic, or others.

Glass food containers

Glass food containers are much safer than plastic due to the stability of this material. It has a noteworthy issue, which is the glass food containers are heavier compare to plastic or silicone collapsible food containers.

On the other hand, Glass is fragile when dropped on the hard ground, always ending up breaking into pieces, and some small sharp pieces will possibly hurt your fingers.

Glass food containers are inclined to use to contain the stuff that needs to be stored for a long period.

Silicone food containers

Silicone collapsible food containers are made of high quality, food-grade silicone material. It’s BPA free, non-toxic, and food safe when using them to contain foods.

Due to its low hardness, after the molding process, the finished products are also soft. Therefore the silicone food container can be folded to about 1/3 of its pop-up size.

That will be very helpful in saving the valuable space of your cupboard, that’s why silicone collapsible food containers become more and more popular.

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